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Space Cafe - India

The vision of ISU Space Cafe India is to promote space studies and to enable individuals and students to recognize and appreciate they are part of a larger community of space professionals and to help create a path for their individual interests and efforts to be connected with the larger space community both in India and globally. The mission of Space Cafe India is the hosting of interactive and interdisciplinary space speaker sessions with influential professionals that represent all sectors of the global space community. Space Cafe India provides a platform where space issues are
examined from multiple perspectives, to promote dialog and to focus attention on critical space topics. In order to promote similar discussion amongst our younger audience and general space enthusiasts, Space Cafe - India inspired by a learning community model at periodic intervals will host informal interactive events so that - the next generation -
can be inspired and educated by ISU alumni, space educators and executives. We further plan to promote the Dr. KC Scholarship project that offers select, but extremely talented Indian women to attend ISU’s Space Studies Program.
The ISU - Space Cafe India hosts monthly candid conversations with prominent space community leaders from India and around the globe to discuss issues of the day impacting our nation, our world, and all humanity. Space Cafe India is supported by the International Space University, the largest postgraduate school in the global space industry. Space Cafe will actively provide guidance for participants, seek partnerships and sponsorships that will enable future Indians to attend educational programs offered by ISU as well as The Kalpana Chawla Scholarship for Innovation, Entrepreneurism & Space.

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